Inside & Out: Small conference predictions


HAWAI’I Warriors (10-3, 6-1 WAC) — This year is the perfect set up for Hawai’i as a year they are usually successful. Returning QB Bryant Moniz, the Warriors will be the best offensive team in the conference once again, as they were with spread QBs like Timmy Chang, and others. Although they only return 3 on offense, that’s never bothered them before as they get everyone involved in the offense.

NEVADA Wolfpack (8-4, 6-1 WAC) — Although Colin Kaepernick has moved on to the NFL, the Wolfpack, led by long-time coach Chris Ault will figure out a way to still finish second in the conference. Returning WRs such as Rishard Matthews and Brandon Wimberly will provide the playmaking ability on the offense. Matthews was the team’s leading WR last season.

FRESNO STATE Bulldogs (6-7, 5-2 WAC) — Without Boise State in the conference anymore, the flood gates have been reopened for the Bulldogs, and coach Pat Hill to take back what used to be rightfully theirs. This season wont be the time to do it, however, even though David Carr’s younger brother, Derek is at the helm of the offense now. Robbie Rouse rushed for over 1,100 yards last season and will be returning, but he doesn’t have much around him.

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Build a Super-Conference in the new NCAA Football 12

When it comes to video games, EA Sports’ annual installments of NCAA Football is my weakness. Every year, in July, the new NCAA Football game will be released – and I’ll be there at midnight to buy it. That will be the case this year again. This year, however, I decided to start blogging about video games, so you can expect to see a lot of posts from now to July 12 about this game.

From now ’til July 12, I’ll be posting multiple different blogs talking about things such as my favorite features in this year’s game, my favorite teams to potentially play with, and everything in between.

Today, we get started with one of my favorite features (I will be counting these down from the “sort of excited for” to “Wow, I can’t wait another second for”). This feature is custom conferences.

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How disappointed Columbus should be in Terrelle Pryor

In 2008, former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor was the No. 1 high school football player in the nation, and one of the most sought after recruits of the past decade. He waited until the last moment to commit to a college team (had been interested in Florida, Michigan, Penn State, Oregon, and Pittsburgh also), and finally decided on the Buckeyes. Columbus, Ohio rejoiced. Former Ohio State football head coach was going to bring in Pryor, and finally get back to, and win, the national championship.

In 2011, amid brewing controversies about his involvement in the selling of sign Ohio State football merchandise in exchange for tattoos, and his involvement in a long-time car dealership loaning service, he left the university. This would have been his senior season, but as he began to feel the heat of the NCAA down his back, closing in on his “secrets”, after Tressel had resigned because his “secrets” have been revealed, he left.

Oh how the times have changed from his freshman year – sitting on the bench – with a lot of hype to his name. Columbus, Ohio, is rightfully upset at their presumed “star quarterback.”

The Tressel situation has been well documented, thanks to Sports Illustrated, but the Pryor situation is just beginning to play out. He’s gone. He won’t be the quarterback this season… and he doesn’t know if he’ll be the quarterback anywhere this season.

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Three for the show: Why scouts like Irving, Williams, Kanter the most

This year’s NBA draft is unique in that two of the presumed top three players available to be picked didn’t play a full season, or at all, this past basketball season. So why do NBA scouts like Kyrie Irving and Enes Kanter so much? That’s a great debate.

For me, Derrick Williams, the No. 1 prospect on my Blue Chips big board, is far and away the top talent in this draft. Williams played a full season at Arizona, and showed off all that he offers in the NCAA tournament. I don’t have questions about him. But, let’s get back to the great debate: Why Irving and Kanter?

You can presume that these two players at at the top of most big boards because they are true to their position. This draft is slim in a couple of areas: there aren’t many true-to-one-position players, for example Derrick Williams is in between a small forward and and power forward position. Also, this draft is slim with talent, to be quite honest.

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NHL Playoffs predictions: Flyers take the Cup

The NHL playoffs are finally here, and so begins another multi-month quest where I will try to find a place that shows the games on Versus. But before the games begin, I’ll make my picks for who will win the first round match-ups, the conference titles and ultimately the Stanley Cup championship.

Being from Illinois, I have been able to bask in the glory of the Chicago Blackhawks being the reigning Stanley Cup champions. Now, I fear I may lose my opportunities to bask in the glory for this year; however, I am happy to see the Blackhawks – although an eight-seed, be in the playoffs so that my glory days can still be alive for at least a week or so more. And finally, my predictions:

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High school refuses to hang Vick’s jersey

THE NEWS: Newport News Warwick (Va.) high school has framed their legendary quarterback, Michael Vick’s, No. 7 high school jersey – years ago; however, after a few extremely rocky years for Vick, this season’s NFL Comeback POY, the school has taken it down from its hanging point in one of the school’s hallways.

And the administration, much to the dismay of the students attending the school, has still refused to rehang the jersey despite Vick’s radiant success this season as the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Despite, even, Facebook groups petitioning for the school to rehang the famed jersey, the school has remained strong on its views.

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Oh, boy, Danica sets off a firestorm

Danica Patrick finished fourth in Saturday’s Nationwide Series race at Las Vegas and now every blogger, including this one, is talking about her.

Patrick broke a record for the best finish by a women, set by Sara Christian 62 years ago.

By finishing fourth, we are now forced to talk about her potential and what her future could be in NASCAR. Well, obviously the future looks bright as of now.

Currently she is in fourth place overall in the Nationwide Series standings, having raced in three races, finishing 14th, 17th and 4th, respectively.

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TV Log: Celebrity All-Star Game

We’re about three minutes before the NBA Celebrity All-Star game to kick off All-Star weekend, and before I start the clock on this log, you need to know that Justin Beiber is a West All-Star. This is obviously one of the big storylines coming into this game. Bill Simmons talked about it on his podcast but I didn’t listen to this one. I will later. (I am an avid listener I promise, Bill). It’s Justin Beiber. I want to know who else is playing in it though.

I think I heard something about Lil’ Romeo, but I’m not sure. But let’s talk about Romeo. This kid is good at basketball, folks. He’s legit. Oh and SportsCenter just went to the game live and it’s 6:00 p.m. in Illinois so we need to start the clock now. Start the clock now. Note: They just said Scottie Pippen. Let’s do it. Pippen, man. Pippen! I’m hoping for some great Pippen action – yes, there’s a chance he takes this game over. Geesh, start the clock.

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Eight months later: Picks 1-15 of NBA Draft ’10

This is my “thing.” I’m your NBA Draft guy for as long as you’ll have me. Now, I’ll usually do a review of the previous year’s NBA Draft when we approach the NBA All-Star weekend the following year. Since that is getting close, I took a look, and graded, each pick from the 2010 NBA Draft.

Most experts will do a year after. I do eight months.

1. Washington Wizards — John Wall, guard

The most impressive part about John Wall in the NBA is his assists per game (9.0). He is in the Eastern Conference, for the bottom-feeding Wizards, but he is competing with guards like Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose to be the best in the Eastern Conference. He has a long way to go. He needs to lead his team to winning ways, too. Grade: A

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What’s all this talk about Big Ben’s legacy

Last time I checked, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was 28-years-old. The last time I checked was today.

So why is there all of this talk on every sports show after the Super Bowl about the kind of legacy Roethlisberger has? He’s 28, and has many years left – my guess is six more.

Some over-analyzers, like the media people who thought the Packers’ inexperience would hinder them in the big game, think that this Super Bowl loss might have an effect on the legacy of Roethlisberger and his career.

Let’s just say I don’t exactly see eye-to-eye with those kinds of people.

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