Vikings padding the stats

As the Minnesota Vikings were bullying the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday – winning the game 27-3 – they decided that they’d pad the stats.

On a 4th-and-3 play, with under 2 minutes left in the game, the Vikings – in the red-zone – went for a touchdown.

Quarterback Brett Favre dropped back, and faked the hand-off to the running back, then throwing the ball into the endzone to tight end Visante Shiancoe.

Touchdown…34-3, Vikings win.


Following the play, Keith Brooking, a Cowboys linebacker, marched over toward the Vikings’ bench to have a few jawing words to the coaches and players of Minnesota. I understand that completely.

Are you kidding me? Going for a touchdown when you are already up by 24 points and have the game on lock? That’s B.S.

Obviously, questions were going to surface following the game, and Vikings’ head coach Brad Childress was asked about going for it. He quoted Lou Holtz.

“It’s our job to score points, it’s their job to stop us from scoring points.”

Sure, that’s true, but it was 4th down and you could’ve just chipped in a field goal. A field goal is three points, and that’s usually your decision when you face a 4th down play.

One thing is certain – Childress is not Lou Holtz, not even close. The decision was disrespectful and classless. The Vikings were at home, and could’ve just kicked a field goal and easily walked out of the stadium with a win.

I don’t know what else to say. Watching it happen on TV, I was in shock. I still am today.

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1 Response to Vikings padding the stats

  1. Andy says:

    Pretty ridiculous that they went for this 4th down. It seems we have seen this more often in football (college and pros) this year than I can ever remember. Pete Carroll did it earlier this year when USC was up a ton against (I think) UCLA. I think Carroll is a loser anyway, but that was a classless move. Alabama did it against Texas – going for a touchdown with 20 seconds left when they could have kneeled to end the game. I can recall the Patriots going for a 4th down late in the 4th in a blowout game this year too. And now Childress has done it. Seems these coaches are taking things too personally…

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