Eight months later: Picks 1-15 of NBA Draft ’10

This is my “thing.” I’m your NBA Draft guy for as long as you’ll have me. Now, I’ll usually do a review of the previous year’s NBA Draft when we approach the NBA All-Star weekend the following year. Since that is getting close, I took a look, and graded, each pick from the 2010 NBA Draft.

Most experts will do a year after. I do eight months.

1. Washington Wizards — John Wall, guard

The most impressive part about John Wall in the NBA is his assists per game (9.0). He is in the Eastern Conference, for the bottom-feeding Wizards, but he is competing with guards like Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose to be the best in the Eastern Conference. He has a long way to go. He needs to lead his team to winning ways, too. Grade: A

2. Philadelphia 76ers — Evan Turner, guard

Evan Turner is not a starter on this team, and he has been buried on the bench this season only averaging 24.4 minutes per game. He is behind players like Andre Iguodala, and that puts him far away from starting. Given the point in the draft at which he was picked, he should be a starter. Grade: C

3. New Jersey Nets — Derrick Favors, forward

This pick is not shaping up very well for the Nets. Favors has started 19 games, but he is only averaging a tad over 6 points per game and five rebounds. There were a lot of expectations for him, which is the reason the Nets took Favors over a guy named DeMarcus Cousins, who was picked later. Given the Favors vs. Cousins match-up, this pick is bad. Grade: C-

4. Minnesota Timberwolves — Wesley Johnson, forward

Wesley Johnson has proven to be what the experts thought he would be – a tall, lengthy player who can both shoot the three and shoot it from inside the arc. He’s shooting 37 percent from three and 42 percent from the field, while getting 26 minutes per game. However, unlike two of the players picked before him, he has started 36-of-51 games. Grade: B

5. Sacramento Kings — DeMarcus Cousins, forward

Last year, I predicted that DeMarcus Cousins would be the best overall player available in the draft. He comes close to Wall, but I think Wall had been a little bit better. However, Cousins has shown what he is made of, according to the Kings. He is averaging the second-most points on the team and grabs 8 rebounds per game. Grade: A

6. Golden State Warriors — Ekpe Udoh, forward

For a top ten pick, Udoh has been more than just disappointing. He has played in 27 games but has not started a single one. He’s only averaging 2 points per game. Udoh has been buried on the bench and he is not getting a chance to show what he’s made of. Grade: D-

7. Detroit Pistons — Greg Monroe, forward

Despite not being an everyday starter, Monroe has shown that he was probably worth a higher pick than a player like Derrick Favors, who I evaluated earlier in this post. Monroe has some “stuff.” He’s averaging 7 points per game and six rebounds per game. I’m most impressed with how good of a shooter this guy is, shooting 52.3 from the field – highest on the team. Grade: B+

8. Los Angeles Clipper — Al-Farouq Aminu, forward

He is averaging 6 points and 2 rebounds per game. He has shown that he still needs to develop, but he has started 14 games. He is struggling and the Clipper know it. As the No. 8 pick, he is not doing a lot of amazing things. Grade: C-

9. Utah Jazz — Gordon Hayward, forward

One thing you have to understand about Hayward is that you can’t expect him to start for this team. They were already a really good team even before they drafted Hayward. He averages 3 points per game, but has actually started 10 games for the Jazz. Grade: C

10. Indiana Pacers — Paul George, forward

The Pacers couldn’t have drafted this guy any later than they did, he was that hyped up and he was one of the players in last year’s draft that really jumped up the board. George may night have started any games but he is the Pacers’ No.1 bench player, averaging 7 points per game and 3 rebounds, while shooting 45 percent from the field. Grade: B-

11. New Orleans Hornets — Cole Aldrich, forward

The simple story with this guy is that he was drafted by the Hornets, ended up with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and assigned the the NBA Development league. He barely averaged one point in the NBA. Grade: F

12. Memphis Grizzlies — Xavier Henry, guard

Some people thought Henry had a good three-point shot but he has struggled to 11 percent from there in the NBA. He has struggled to only 4 points per game too. He has a long way to go. Grade: D

13. Toronto Raptors — Ed Davis, forward

With all of the terrible previous picks, I wonder what Ed Davis was doing getting picked this late in the game. Maybe he’s not a starter, but he’s averaging 6 points and 6 rebounds per game, which is practically a double-double for bench players. Plus, he’s hitting 57 percent of his shots. He shows a lot of upside to replace Chris Bosh. Grade: B+

14. Houston Rockets — Patrick Patterson, forward

This guys is one of the bottom-feeders of this Rockets team. He’s averaging 4 points per game, and that is one of the worst totals on the team. Grade: D-

15. Milwaukee Bucks — Lary Sanders, forward

I really wondered last season if Sanders was worth this much of high risk pick. Well, he’s not some sort of phenom, but he has proven to be a versatile bench player. What I like best about Sanders is that he is averaging 1.26 blocks per game, showing that he can do more than just score and rebound. Grade: B-

In order to add suspense to this, and let you take a bathroom break, the final 15 first round picks will come later on. For now, what do you think of my grades so far?

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2 Responses to Eight months later: Picks 1-15 of NBA Draft ’10

  1. Andy says:

    A very weak draft class. I read through those names, many of which were household names during the NCAA tournament last year, and realize that I haven’t heard or seen from anyone other than John Wall and D Cousins this year. We’ve heard Faruq Aminu and Derrick Favors, but mostly just because of trade talks. Truth be told, i don’t think anyone expected this draft class to produce many stars in the league, but to be this bad?!? Let’s give them another year to develop and see if anyone rises to even mediocre status.

  2. Andy says:

    And certainly some of these guys have the opportunity to stand out. Many of them play for bad, bad teams. You look at a guy like Kevin Love, who plays for a bad team, and he puts up monster numbers.

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