Oh, boy, Danica sets off a firestorm

Danica Patrick finished fourth in Saturday’s Nationwide Series race at Las Vegas and now every blogger, including this one, is talking about her.

Patrick broke a record for the best finish by a women, set by Sara Christian 62 years ago.

By finishing fourth, we are now forced to talk about her potential and what her future could be in NASCAR. Well, obviously the future looks bright as of now.

Currently she is in fourth place overall in the Nationwide Series standings, having raced in three races, finishing 14th, 17th and 4th, respectively.

So her most recent race has set a media fire.

If Patrick keeps up her Nationwide success, she will most definitely have tons of people bidding on her to have her race under their name at the next level. Patrick would by far one of the best things to even happen to NASCAR, at least in her first year.

In her first year in the Sprint Cup series, Patrick would be the face of NASCAR, getting by far the most press of anyone. She would bring a female following to the sport, one which it doesn’t entirely have, but really needs, at this point.

Patrick has many things going for her.

She’s not an ugly woman race car driver. No. She has posed for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, very successfully.

There is no guessing how many advertisers of the sport would want to stamp their logo on her fire suit or her car. There is no way to even guess the amount of money she would be offered by many car companies and advertisers to race in their colors.

She would not only be a GoDaddy girl anymore.

She would be a light for the sport… a woman in NASCAR. Something unthinkable until very recently by many of the sport’s following.

If Patrick is as good as she has shown this year, especially with the fourth place finish, then NASCAR will reap the benefits.

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1 Response to Oh, boy, Danica sets off a firestorm

  1. NASCAR Women says:

    Nice one admcnamee. Danica is really awesome. This woman drives every race and lives every day like she has something to prove — and she does!

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