About Alex

I’m Alex McNamee. I’m a sports writer at Eastern Illinois University. I work for The Daily Eastern News, where I have been sports editor and a copy editor. I love all kinds of sports – there is very rarely a sport that I don’t know about.

While I only write regional stuff at Eastern, this blog gives me a chance to talk about anything I want to in the world of sports. The blog “Fifth & Inches” was started by me in January 2010 on a whim. After my first couple of posts, I began to love what I was doing and I have been doing it ever since. So far, I have brought in over 16,000 viewers to my blog site and can’t wait for more to come.

I try to keep my blog fresh, fair and exciting for you to read. I love comments, so please leave them. Comments fuel the fire of the blog. I hope you enjoy what you read even if you don’t agree with it. Thanks for visiting my blog. Stay and read a little bit, and come back soon.

Look out! Here I come.

2 Responses to About Alex

  1. grace face says:

    wow alex. love your blog. very good stuff. i love sitting at home all day and watching sports… and napping. come visit me soon!

  2. Dan Mc says:

    Alex you are the man! The Blog looks great. What do you think of the free agency moves……Lebron? Who is favored for the next NBA title?

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