Random Thoughts

Sports are pretty cool. When I was six, my favorite NFL team — the Green Bay Packers — won a Super Bowl. That’s when Brett Favre was cool. He no longer is. Before I was born, my die-hard favorite college football team — Notre Dame — won a national championship. In 2006, the St. Louis Cardinals — the family team — won a World Series. They have been close many more times in my life, and maybe even won a couple more. However, I was too young to remember. Yet, I remember 1996 for the Packers. I loved it when Andre Rison was a Packer. There was no better time.

In 2000-something, I jumped onto the Villanova basketball train. One of my best friends was a big fan. Allen Ray is a badass. Also, don’t confuse “Allen Ray” with “Ray Allen”. I hate the latter. I don’t have a favorite NBA team, really. I’ve disregarded that sport lately. However, the Bulls won like a million titles in the 90’s. So, since I’m from Illinois, that classifies me as a “fan”. It’s standard here. Although, I really enjoyed the Golden State Warriors when they beat the Dallas Mavericks as an 8-seed. Also, my brother is a Nuggets fan. Carmelo Anthony is pretty sweet. I guess you could say the NBA is a toss up. Hockey is a great sport. I love the Blackhawks. Yet, I also love the Washington Capitals.

Anyway, this is just a tidbit of what I think about sports. Check out the drop down menu for some really in depth thoughts about each sport. It’s pretty sweet. I’m writing this very late in the night/morning, so it will be interesting. This is promise you.

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  1. andy says:

    Cool background, and the site keeps looking better and better, with continued expert analysis on anything and everything in the sports world.

    Put this on your resume when applying for newspaper internships…?

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