American football is the United States’ favorite sports — sorry hardball. Everybody knows it. Football is the game that people follow year-round, even though there is no need to pay attention to it between March and July.

There is no doubt that the NFL is one of my favorite, if not favorite leagues in North America. I’m a die hard Green Bay Packers fan and always have been since I can remember. In 1996, the Packers won the Super Bowl. In fact, they demolished the New England Patriots.

Obviously, that’s when the Packers were at their best. Yes, when Desmond Howard and Andre Rison were receivers. Oh, and don’t forget Robert Brooks. Dorsey Levens at running back. Reggie White on the defensive line. I’m just name dropping here.

Luckily for me, and other Packer fans, Green Bay is still one of the best teams in the NFL. I wouldn’t hesitate to call them the best franchise ever in the NFL. They started it all by winning the very first Super Bowl.

Brett Favre was born to be a Packer. And then be an idiot and sign with a rival. It’s sad to think that he is so blinded that he can’t just hang up the dirty uniform. I’m not sure if an NFL player has ever died on the field, but Favre might be that guy. I mean, I can see him playing into his mid-90s.

Yet, I still remember the Monday Night Football game (Green Bay vs. Oakland) right after Favre’s father died. He went out there and played one of his greatest games that he has ever had. That’s one of the greatest moments I can ever recall since I’ve been alive to watch football.

Favre also was a part of the play that I think is the best catch I’ve ever seen. Remember? Minnesota Vikings. Antonio Freeman. Yes, it was amazing. If you don’t remember it, go look it up on YouTube. It’s so intense to describe that I can’t do it without ruining it.

Freeman was another great receiver for the Packers, much like Robert Brooks. Oh, remember when Sterling Sharpe was a Packer? He is way better than his brother Shannon. Still is.

Aside from the 90’s, I can’t really remember a lot of history that happened in the past. I just don’t think it is as big of deal as it is in, say, baseball. I do recall, however, Joe Montana to Jerry Rice, “The Catch”, The Steel Curtain, Michael Irvin, Barry Sanders, and Eric Dickerson. Those are some of my favorite historic things about football. Joe Montana is from Notre Dame — meaning I immediately like him. Jerry Rice is great. “The Catch” is history. The Steel Curtain is amazing. Michael Irvin is too cool for school. Sanders and Dickerson are probably the two greatest running backs ever. Barry Sanders runs without shoes on, and Dickerson just runs for many, many yards. Speaking of Dickerson — here’s a picture of him.

It might not be as big of a picture as I would like to show here, but, really, I love Dickerson for his Horace Grant goggles that he wears. In fact, if you look close enough to the picture, you can see them. Here’s a hint: they’re between the top of his facemask and the bottom. Look there.

Although I am a avid fan of the NBA Draft, I do think that the NFL Draft is pretty awesome. A lot has come of the draft. The New York Jets always do something stupid. But often some teams do it right. For instance, Dan Marino. He was a late draft pick of the Dolphins. He was passed up by the Jets, just so you know. And look at him. He’s one of the greatest passing quarterbacks ever. If I had to pick between him and Favre as my starting quarterback in the regular season, I don’t know who I would choose. When Favre was with the Packers, I would’ve chose him. But now, maybe Marino.

Note that I mentioned “regular season”. In the postseason it’s very different. Without thinking, I’d take Joe Montana. Don’t give me any of this Tom Brady, Peyton Manning bull crap. If you think those guys are the best then you don’t know anything about football. By the way, I mentioned I hate the Cowboys — I hate Brady, too.

I don’t want to talk about Brady, though. If you want to read about him, move to Foxboro. I hate Tom Brady. I have a passion about stats. That brings back up Marino and Favre. Favre has a million records, but those all belonged to Marino before Favre came along. So, still, I don’t know who I’d pick in the regular season. Marino is a great quarterback. Yet, so is Favre.

There are too many teams in history to decide who is the best team in history, but the Dolphins did go undefeated once. They were pretty good. The 1996-1997 Packers were pretty good too. Speaking of ’96, that was a blowout Super Bowl. The ’98 Super Bowl was awesome. I just remember three guys colliding on a deep pass from Favre and none of them getting up for a very long time. I’m upset that the Broncos won that Super Bowl, but the John Elway play, jumping, giving up his body, was priceless.

Elway had “The Drive”. That’s another good football memory. It was an epic drive, apparently. I wouldn’t know though, because again I wasn’t alive. Oh well. It’s still shown on NFL Films all the time. Speaking of NFL Films, that’s a good show. If you ever want to see some of the greatest NFL games in history, find that show. It shows you everything.

Speaking of the greatest games in history, I began with the Ice Bowl. I can end with the one I don’t know the short, clever name to — the one where Franco Harris catches the ball and runs it for a touchdown.

You know, I would show a big picture of that but now that I think about it, I can’t end with that. Because it’s not the greatest game I’ve seen, because I didn’t see it. Again, not born. So, here’s the greatest game, and memory I have from football in my life. That decision is final. This game, and play, was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Don’t guess it, but it’s the Music City Miracle.

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